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Sample Tips from our Guide section

Pre-Visit Checklist of useful questions:

1. What is the typical routine of the care centre and is it flexible so that residents can retain their freedom to make choices and keep their independence?

2. Are there choices of what to eat and drink every day? Do residents have healthy food options? Are special dietary needs catered for?

3. What kind of nursing and medical care is provided on site? What kind of nursing and medical care is on call? Who provides this? Are there other health professionals available e.g. physiotherapists, dentists, holistic therapists?

4. Can residents have personal possessions in their rooms and is their freedom to make choices regarding personal décor respected within the bounds of a healthy environment?

5. Can you have a pet?

6. Is the facility welcoming to visiting family and friends? Are there rules/guidelines?

7. Can residents come and go as they please e.g to the shops, for a meal, for a drink?

8. Is there freedom to prepare food and drink for yourself if you are hungry or thirsty outside any set mealtimes?

9. If a resident or those involved in their care has a concern or complaint what is the procedure for dealing with this? What are the communication channels?

10. It may be worthwhile checking out the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) website to see their inspection reports on nursing homes. The address is, use the search facility for ‘inspection reports’.

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no', think about how this would impact on the lives of the people involved: the resident, family, friends.

Feel free to check out the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) website for further information on Irish Nursing Homes in Ireland .

The address is

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