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Who’s who during registration?

Q. Who is the registration body?

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) was established under the Health Act 2007 to drive quality, safety, accountability and the best use of resources in our health and social care services. Under the Health Act 2007, responsibility for the regulation of the quality of residential care in designated centres for children, older people and people with disabilities rests with the Office of the Chief Inspector. The Chief Inspector’s team within the Authority is known as the Social Services Inspectorate or “SSI”.

Q. What is a “fit person”?

Under section 50(1)(a) of the Health Act 2007, registered providers and others who participate in the management of the designated residential care service for older people must be fit to do so. Providers must demonstrate to the satisfaction of Authority that they are suitable or fit for the role. It is vital that the registered provider understands the requirements of operating a nursing home, and ensures that staff have the necessary and appropriate skills to care for residents.

Q. Who is the registered provider?

The provider of services, referred to in the Health Act 2007 as “the registered provider”, is the person with overall responsibility for the residential service. The registered provider is legally responsible for the designated centre and is held accountable for any faults with the services.

Q. Who is the applicant?

The applicant is the person who is responsible for the registration application.

• In the case of an individual/sole trader, the individual will be the applicant.
• In the case of a partnership, one nominated partner will be the applicant and will be responsible on behalf of the partnership for the application.
• In the case of a company, one nominated director will be the applicant and will be responsible on behalf of the company for the application.
• In the case of an unincorporated body, one nominated member of the committee of management or other controlling authority will be responsible on behalf of the unincorporated body for the application.
• In the case of a statutory body, one nominated person will be responsible on behalf of the statutory body for the application.

The person responsible for the application must be a senior member of the organisation involved in supervision of the management of the designated centre, sufficiently senior to make decisions and implement recommendations arising from an inspection of the designated centre.

Q. Who is the “person in charge”?

The person in charge is distinguished from the registered provider and is sometimes described as the “manager”. The person in charge of the residential service is the person with responsibility for the day-to-day running of the centre. The person needs to be an appropriately skilled member of staff suitable to the responsibilities of the role. The person in charge could be the same individual who is the registered provider or another to whom functions have been assigned.

Services covered by the new system

Q. Which services must be registered?

Under the Health Act 2007, all designated centres (residential care centre for older people) must be registered. There are three categories of residential services for older people, which are required by law to register with the Social Services Inspectorate of the Health Information and Quality Authority:

• Residential services for older people that have been previously registered by the Health Service Executive (HSE)
• Existing residential services for older people that have not been registered by the HSE
• New residential services for older people applying for first-time registration.

Q. If I need to register, are there deadlines I need to be aware of?

If an applicant wishes to apply for first-time registration, they must do so six months prior to the time they wish to commence operating. The person wishing to be named as the registered provider should apply to be registered.

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